The Extrarústico Ltd started its activity in 1995, with the primary function extraction and processing of rough stone.

With the passage of time, was the increasing market demand to be satisfied that the best way was accompanied by improvement of our machinery without ever leaving aside the concept of quality.

Á as the years went by, the company was increasing its facilities, today we have a wide range of products, which constitute the best solutions at the best prices to our customers, such as fireplaces, curbs, sidewalks, rustic stone, slate, slate, grills, fireplaces, columns, among others.

The Extrarústico to improve their services, and the quality of its products, satisfying the requirements of its best customers went through a process of quality certification was approved, thus demonstrating the good quality of our products.

Through this site we hope the best present you our range of products.

Tel.: +351 262 918 285 
IC2 (Est. Nac. 1) Km 90 Covão do Milho
2460-815 Turquel - Alcobaça

Fax: +351 262 919 508
Telm.: +351 935 556 699

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